Migration as a multi-sited phenomenon: migrant selection and the outcomes of migration


As migration and ethnic diversity become a fundamental part of our societies, there is a need to expand the perspectives and methodologies used to study the drivers and the outcomes of migration. Migration is a multi-sited phenomenon, in which origin and destination(s) play a fundamental role. First, migrants often differ from non-migrants in both objective and subjective traits. Second, a particular migrant group in one location may also differ from their co-nationals in another location. Third, while comparing migrants and their children with majoritarian natives in destination countries is fundamental, this only provides a partial view of the outcomes of migration: comparison with non-migrants at origin and/or with the same migrant group in other destinations can help understand the impact of migration. Finally, selection may also affect the outcomes of migration, especially in terms of integration patterns. The aim of the conference is to bring together migration scholars working on both the drivers and outcomes of migration, who use a multisite perspective (broadly defined) in their research. We aim at a broad range of contributions dealing with the causes and consequences of migration and how multiple comparisons can shed light on these processes. 

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