How to Optimise African Diaspora Engagement in Local Development?



The aim of this conference is to present the main outcomes of a study that has been launched by the Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT), a pan-European Diaspora network established in 2017 and based in Brussels.

More specifically, this study aims to:

  • Improve the understanding of African diaspora organisations’ engagement in local development in Africa, in particular its specificities.
  • Explore modalities for more effective, efficient and sustainable diaspora organisations’ engagement in local development on the African continent.
  • Ascertain the role African diaspora organisations can play to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable local development.


  • Jorge Pereiro Pinon, Team leader, INTPA A2- Regional and Multi-Country Programmes for Africa
  • Mirana Rajoharison,  Executive Director (ADEPT)
  • Camille Traoré, Researcher - Les Afriques dans le Monde, Sciences Po Bordeaux
  • Claire Neuschwander, Expert on Migration and Development, Red Mangrove Development Advisors

Please note: the presentation will be in English and the Q&A session will be in English and French

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