IMRF Roundtable 1 Consultation


The Roundtable discussions will feed into broader discussions at the upcoming International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) of the GCM which will be held in May 2022. These discussions will adopt a multistakeholder approach in line with the whole-of-society guiding principle of the GCM.

Roundtable 1 covers the following GCM Objectives: 

  • 2 – Minimize adverse drivers
  • 5 – Regular pathways
  • 6 – Recruitment and decent work
  • 12 – Screening and referral
  • 8 – Skills development and recognition

Find resources, information and guidance on each of these objectives on the Migration Network Hub.

Join the Discussion Space hosted on the Migration Network Hub to share your views ahead of the Dialogue. Remarks are welcome in English, French, and Spanish. 

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