Peer Exchange: Promoting Migrant Employability


About this event

PEGs are opportunities to showcase successes and facilitate learning between the 11 countries in the Making Migration Work for Sustainable Development Programme. They are continuous knowledge exchange and capacity development groups, open to all stakeholders (local and national governments, UN Agencies, private sector, civil society etc.). They aim to help you in your work by learning from other experiences and experts.

This peer exchange group will serve to share knowledge and good practices on how to promote migrant employability. More concretely, the event will:

  1. Provide expert  capacity  building by  sharing  the  experience  of Fundación  Esquel,  implementing partner  for  the  employability  training  sessions and  campaign that  have  taken  place  in  Manta  and Santo Domingo (Ecuador) as part of the Global programme; 
  2. Identify  key  success  factors  and  common  challenges  to promoting  migrant  employability  and  the creation  of  sustainable  interventionsto  support  ongoing  activities  as  well  as  activities  in  other programme countries.


Agenda in brief

  • Welcoming remarks

  • Promoting migrant employability in Manta and Santo Domingo – Experiences and lessons learnt

  • Brainstorming: Opportunities and challenges of promoting migrant employability

  • Wrap up and planning for the next exchange

Please note that this is a closed event; invitations will be sent directly by the organizers to participants.

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