SDG Action Weekend


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To maximize the SDG Summit’s impact, the Secretary General is convening an SDG Action Weekend, which will generate opportunities for stakeholders, UN entities, and Member States to convene inside the United Nations Headquarters and set out specific commitments and contributions to drive SDG transformation between now and 2030.

The SDG Action Weekend will consist of the SDG Mobilization Day on Saturday, 16 September, and the SDG Acceleration Day on Sunday, 17 September at UNHQ in New York.

The SDG Mobilization Day (16 September) will create an opportunity for stakeholders from all sectors to convene inside the United Nations Headquarters and mobilize towards an ambitious SDG Summit and UN General Assembly High-Level Week.

The SDG Acceleration Day (17 September) will be centred around the UN High-Impact Initiatives.

Civil society, the private sector, youth, scientists, local and regional governments, and other stakeholders all have a key role in the implementation of the SDGs. Their participation, contributions and catalytic mobilization will be essential to the success of the SDG Summit and its follow-up.

(Text initially published on the UN SDG Summit website

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