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Living outside one's country is not easy but it opens up perspectives and gives us opportunities to enrich ourselves and our communities of origin. We've found this to be especially relevant for Latinas in the diaspora. In a recent regional survey conducted by IOM, it was found that Latina women respondents in general found all types of obstacles more significant compared to men and indicated 8% more frequently that they still faced the different types of obstacles compared to men. That said, 57% indicated that they agreed or strongly agreed that living abroad generates greater opportunities for them and 45% agreed or strongly agreed that it generates more freedom. Taking all this into account, IOM and Granadilla Podcast are joining forces to help Latinas in diaspora find their voice and empower themselves as agents of change in their countries of origin and destination. To this end, this virtual workshop is being organized.


Provide tools to women in Latin American communities living abroad so that they can connect and collaborate and share their experiences, knowledge, and inspiration and thus maximize their positive impact on their communities of origin and destination.


The event will be structured in two main parts. The first will be an introduction to the subject in general and a presentation on how to use the iDiaspora platform as a tool to foster community among Latinas in the diaspora. The second part has four parallel micro-workshops where experts will teach the audience how to give voice to their ideas and experiences through different digital media such as blogs, podcasts, and social networks. Participants will have to choose only one micro-workshop in which to participate.





9am a 9.15am

Welcome to the event/presentation of the speakers and workshops


9.15am a 9.45am

Challenges to create sisterhood as Latinas in the diaspora

Ana Gutierrez - GP

9.45am 10.15am

iDiaspora as a tool to create community

Larisa Lara - iDiaspora

10.15am a 11am

Workshop 1: Writing from the diaspora

María Laura Chang (Argentine reporter writing on migration)


Workshop 2: Reporting migration from my cell phone (video and photography)

Catherin Huayané – Boutique Creativa Desvertir


Workshop 3: The migrant voice (podcast)

Ana Gutiérrez – GP


Workshop 4: Social networks

Mauricio Villanueva – CEO Brand Spirit

11am a 11.45am

Closing of the event


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