Save the Date: The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, November 11 - 15, 2019 in Durban, South Africa


The World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, convened by United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is the largest gathering of mayors around the world. It is also the World Summit of the most influential local and regional leaders, councillors, local governments, partners, and actors implicated in the decision making of city and community life. The 2019 World Summit will take place from November 11-15 in Durban, South Africa.

This years’ edition will deliver a renewed format and enhanced collaboration between members and with partners. Building on the century-old international movement of municipalities, the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders will include interactive and innovative formats built on four tracks that will guide participants through their World Summit experience, together with dedicated sessions for UCLG membership. The four tracks include:

  • Assembly: This track will have local and regional government representatives as the key drivers. It aims at allowing continental, sectoral and thematic priorities that contribute to the global policies of the World Organization of Local and Regional Governments.
  • Town Hall: Civil Society partners will be in the driver´s seat of this track. The Local and Regional Governments constituency recognizes the importance of collaboration with global partners, thus, this track will be the space for dialogue and interaction between different internationally organized communities, civil society, and the political leadership of the local and regional governments constituency to define our global policies, in an open format to debate and discuss policy papers on multiple themes. Different trails will be led by organised partners such as Global Platform for the Right to the City, Habitat International Coalition, World Enabled, the Huairou Commission, the General Assembly of Partners and Cities Alliance, and more.
  • Local4Action: The Local4Action Track should be the space where everybody feels at home! It should provide the adequate format for all the spheres of the network, allowing partners to participate in a cooperative process to share, listen, and review. Five different formats of sessions have been developed to accommodate all the experiences and ideas within the framework of the following policy areas: “Right to the City and Inclusive Territories”; “Opportunites for All, Culture & City Diplomacy”; “Territorial Multilevel Governance and Sustainable Financing”; “Safer, Resilient and Sustainable Cities, Capable of Facing Crises”. The call for session proposals dedicated to the Local4Action Track is open through 30th June 2019. Submission information and updates can be found here.
  • Statutory - UCLG Decision Making: This track is for UCLG Members only. It comprises the meetings of the governing bodies that shape the policies and work plan of the World Organization of United Cities and Local Governments. This includes leading the charge for the renewal of the UCLG Leadership.

The triennial UCLG Congress also builds on the legacy of the commitments of the local and regional governments constituency around the world. A commitment to ensure a better future for all through action at local, national and international levels. A commitment to govern and build in partnership, a commitment for cities and regions to take their rightful place at the head of a new international agenda for inclusive and sustainable development. 

For more information, visit the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders webpage.

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