Make a Difference: Towards a Positive Look on Migration in Andalusia

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Based on the premise that diversity and coexistence are the driving force for development, for economic growth and for individual's wellbeing, as well as for the future of our societies, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is implementing the project entitled Make a Difference: Towards a Positive Look on Migration in Andalusia, funded by the Andalusian Agency for International Cooperation and Development.

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Objectif clé

The main objective of the project is to promote a more balanced and realistic vision of migration in Andalusia, based on clear, objective and empirically-based information. The set of activities will be aimed at Andalusian society in the broadest sense, understood as: public administration, young people, the private sector and civil society.

Principales activités

  • Collect primary data and conduct surveys, in order to obtain real information on the experiences and profiles of the migrant population residing in the Community of Andalusia.
  • Through the Soy Migrante campaign, the project will collect testimonies and make visible the lives of the migrant population residing in Andalusia who have come from different parts of the world to build a better life in this autonomous community. The aim of the campaign is to put a human face on migration, fight discrimination and break down stereotypes.
  • Based on the surveys, training and awareness-raising sessions will be carried out aimed at different interest groups in each of the 8 provinces of Andalusia. Training materials will be based on the migratory reality in their local context and will seek to impart knowledge about migration and promote intercultural skills and dialogue between migrants and the indigenous population.

Principaux succès ou facteurs innovants, bonnes pratiques et enseignements tirés (si disponibles)

Read the results of the research and surveys conducted with migrants: "A look at migration in Andalusia" (Una mirada hacia la migración en Andalucía) which presents the profiles, perceptions and experiences of resident migrants in Andalusia which will inform local policies and practices. 

This project is part of our daily commitment to promote understanding of the causes of human mobility, as well as an opportunity to make visible the diversity that already exists in Andalusia.

- Mª Luz Ortega, Director of AACID

Cultural diversity is a driving force for development, and Andalusia is an autonomous community that has historically shown this. It is also an impetus for economic growth, for the life of each person, as well as for the future of our societies.

- María Jesús Herrera, IOM's Chief of Mission in Spain

This project is an opportunity to highlight that, among the neighbors in Andalusia, there are also migrants: many in the front line during this Covid-19 crisis, taking care of children and the elderly, treating patients in health centers, working in shops, educating in schools, providing care to those who need it most.

- Ana Dodevska, head of the project


Migrants, 8 provinces and the broader community of Andalusia, local authorities and social actors

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